Baptism is a welcoming of your child into the local congregation and into the Universal Church of Jesus Christ.    Baptism is not only a personal celebration, but also a central celebration in the life of St. John’s Church, which embodies the universal church in a particular place. For this reason, ideally baptism should take place during a Sunday Worship service.  Baptisms may be celebrated on most weekends during our 10:30 a.m. Worship service (9:30 during the summer).

During the sacrament of Baptism you and the congregation make promises and vows.  The work of fulfilling these Baptismal vows continues in the days, weeks and years following the service.  The Church recognizes in Baptism that parents are not the only religious and moral teachers for their children, for we as a community of faith are called to share this  responsibility.  We hope that the example you set and the support we offer will encourage your child to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.